Sonex - S/N 99 - N76SX - Jabiru 3300A - S/N 100

Sensenich W54SK6Z Prop

Charles Howard plans built 98% of this beautiful Sonex before he passed away in 2011. Robert Ken Burdette completed the project in 2012. His son flew off the required hours and I pruchased it in Aug 2013. After 1 hour of dual I flew it from Ramona, CA to Moriarty, NM. It has always been hangered.

AeroInjector carburetor. AeroBrake Hydraulic Brake System, Aero Throtle Quadrant, Aero Tail Wheel assembly upgrade, Sonex Wheel Pants.

King KY197A, Dynon D-6 EFIS, Sandia Aerospace STX 165 Transponder, ACK E-01 ELT, Sigtronics SPA-4 TSO Intercom. Tail Wheel hand dolly. Misc. parts. Complete set of registered Plans. Jabiru 3300 Installation, Parts, & Service manuals, also manuals for the Avionics.

Inspections were signed off by EAA Technical Counselor Alan H. Purdy EAA# 401009, TC# 3414 on 12/10/2012. Gary Bunn, Vecair, Prescott, AZ was a good friend of Chuck Howard and watched him with regularity during the construction of SN#99 and praised him for the quality of his workmanship.

Total Time Airframe & Engine: 94 Hours. Current Annual/Conditional Inspection.

IAS @ the reccomended cruise 2750 RPM is 135 MPH, qualifying it for "Light Sport" operation.

Photo of my 90 year old Father-in-Law WWII Veteran flying Co-Pilot with me over Santa Fe, NM ^

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