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In Memory of Nancy Kott - WZ8C - SK 3/2/2014

Have been a licensed ham since 1958. Previous Calls: N5ACN (1978), K5UJJ (1961), K4UNB (1959), KN4UNB (1958).

US Navy Aviation Electronics Technician AT-2 (1957-1961), Aircrew Radioman WV-2 CIC NAS Glynnco, Brunswick, GA, & P5M-2 (LM-9) ASW VP-44 NAS Breezy Point, Norfolk, VA.

Station: Elecraft K3/P3 HF/6 & 2M; Elecraft KPA-500 Amp; Icom IC-7410 HF/6M; Antennas:Hy-Gain AV-640 Patriot Verticle; 6 meter M2 3EL Beam; 160, 80, 40 meters Folded Umbrella/Unipole by John Haerle WB5IIR.

Operate QRP CW with a Elecraft K1 on 40, 30, 20, & 17 meters.

My Clubs are: FISTS #9505 - SKCC #10019 - NAQCC #1141 - QRP ARIC #14975 - Geratol WAS #640 - Santa Fe Amateur Radio Club/SFARES.

Organizations & Associations


International Morse Preservation Society
FISTS #9505
Straight Key Century Club
SKCC #10019
North American QRP CW Club
NAQCC #1141
QRP ARCI #14975
Geratol Net
75 Meter WAS #640
Flying Boat Amateur Radio Society
FBARS #185

The Shack and Equipment



Professional Pilot (Semi-retired.)

Martin P5M2 Marlin VP-44 Golden Pelicans NAS Norfolk, VA

Callair A9 and Cessna 188 Ag-Truck


Enter Here To View My Amateur Built Experimental Aircraft Sonex #99

I do "Piping" too!

"Bagpipes... The missing link between noise and music"

I officially turned "Professional" while in Scotland 2009, when two nice lady tourists dropped
1 pound 56 pence into my pipe case while I was piping a slow Air on the banks of Loch Lomond.
I think they thought I was a local piper in need, and was busking for money.
They had big smiles and were happy... Never the less, I thanked them and kept the change.
That made my day.....

I'm mostly Scottish in heritage, but just enough Irish to have fUN!


So... What IS worn under the kilt?... Depends?

You've had a smile today


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